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rejecting the submission
Published on November 4, 2007 By HAPTORK In Websites
"URL blocked This URL has been widely reported by users as being regularly used to spam Digg's submission process and cannot be submitted at this time."

This is the message I got whenever I tried to add something with URL having "wincustomize" either it is haptork.wincustomize.com or simply wincustomize.com or any other WC page.

One more thing about which I want to inform is my *Kurio* Cursor pack is out. Just check it.
on Nov 04, 2007
LOL...from the site where the only things that hits the front page are spammed urls...ahem.

Digg is STILL trying to get logins to hold for more than 5 minutes and get their comments system quasi usuable. Not sure they are altogether with it...
on Nov 04, 2007
Isnt there any solution for this problem?
on Nov 04, 2007

I'm afraid not. We've gotten no response from them. 

It's amazing how quickly power seems to corrupt some communities.  When I first found out about the block, I did a search on all the WC submissions and none of them coudl be remotely considered "spam".

I guess if you're not slamming Microsoft all the time it's too commercial for them or something.

We'll continue to see if we can get them to unban WC.